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Marcus admits that he used unstable "protomatter" in the development of the Genesis Device, causing Spock to age rapidly and meaning the planet will be destroyed within hours.

In the standoff that follows, Kruge orders that one of the hostages on the surface be executed. Kirk and company feign surrender and activate the Enterprises self-destruct sequence, killing the Klingon boarding party while the Enterprise crew transports to the planet's surface.Nimoy went on to direct The Search for Spock The Federation Starship Enterprise returns to Earth following a battle with the superhuman Khan Noonien Singh, who tried to destroy the Enterprise by detonating an experimental terraforming device known as Genesis.The casualties of the fight include Admiral James T.The pair learn that before he died, Spock transferred his katra, or living spirit, to Mc Coy.Spock's katra and body are needed to lay him to rest on his homeworld, Vulcan, and without help, Mc Coy will die from carrying the katra.

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