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He has tried to keep terms most used in daily speech and in conversation. vi English-Japanese Dictionary in Roman Letters ka pronounced like canoe ku as in cwshion. annually (adv.) toshidoshini; mainen; Ichinen ni Ichido zutsu.Another purpose of this Dictionary is to enable "the Japanese students, who are learning English, to profit from their study as much as possible by giving them a reference easily understood. annuity (re.) Nenkin; Ichinen ni Ichido zutsu shiharawareru Kane; Ichinen ni Ichido zutsu Shunyu no aru Toshi. anywise (adv.) tonikaku; tomokaku; izure- ni-seyo; dose, aorta («.) Daid Smyaku.Within playful memories, in a stronghold of a dream that well resembled an unreachable eternity, [that day’s] wind blows, hitting against a forehead.

By the invitation of General Mac Arthur, the Supreme Commander of Japan, an educational investigation mission for the country, headed by Dr. Stoddard, president-elect of the University of Illinois, after studying the situation very thoroughly, presented their conclusion recom- mending the adoption of Romanized letters. f In the Wa chain monosyllables the only survived ones are wa and wo as the other three were changed from wi to i,wu to u, and we to e. written in Kana have different character from the original vowels of i, u, e. In conversation this wo itself was conveniently con- verted to o, though we have left the sound wo in the table of phonetic letters.) These forty-five monosyllables (including the vowels) are generally called simple sounds and are a necessity to master this language. animism (n.) Ban'ytiseishinron; (Busshitsuto hanarete Seishin nomi ga sonzaisuru to iu Setsu) ; Yuishinron (subete no Sonzai no Moto wa Seishin de aru to iu Gakusetsu) ; Seishinshugi (Busshitsushugi ni taikoshite iu).Today, Japan is standing at the most important turning point of her national existence. tsu as in its or it's, and riot pronounced like tuna. , anniversary (re.) Kinenbi; Kinensai (kinen- shite iwau koto). announce (v.t.) happyosuru; tsugeshirasu; kohyosuru; ippanni shiraseru.We, the Japanese people, in order to build ourselves a new and better civilization by our own hands must have the tools, which will make this progress possible: Roman Letters. announcement (n.) Happyo; H5koku; Tsuge- shirase; Koji (oyakeni shimesu) ; K5hyo.iv ENGLISH-JAPANESE DICTIONARY IN ROMAN LETTERS PRONOUNCING AND SPELLING THE JAPANESE LANGUAGE The fundamental pronunciation of the Japanese language is based on the fifty-unit sounds. anon (adv.) tadachini; sugusama; sokkoku; Toki o utsusazu; shibarakushite; sumi- yakani; mata; futatabi. aphelion (n.) Ennichiten (Yusei ga Kido o toru aida ni Taiyo kara mottomo toku hanareru Ten), aphis (n.) Aburamushi (Shokubutsu no Ha ni tsuki, Yochu no Toki wa Hane ga nai).These so-called fifty-unit sounds are monosyllabic and do not vary in sound upon their use with other syllables. anonym («.) Tokumeisha (tokuni Sakka de Na o dasanu Hito) ; Tokumei; Sakka no Betsu no Namai. aphorism (n.) Shinri o mijikaku itta Kotoba; Kingen; Keiku; Kakugen.

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