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The covers were suddenly pulled off you and you opened your eyes. You sat up and he looked at your top you were wearing. "Harry, I'm your step-sister, you're not meant to be looking at my boobs." "Oh come on, Y/N, we both know you love me." You scoffed getting up. He pulled you in for a longer kiss that you both enjoyed.

You were wearing short shorts so you knew Harry would be staring at your ass. "I'm here because this is my house and this is my room also." "It hasn't been your room since I moved in here." "Well we can make it both of ours," he winked. "We could sneak around until our parents find out or we could tell him." "I think sneaking around would be a better idea. "I loved you from the first time I saw you at that party. "Now how about I make you some dinner and we go cuddle on the couch." You nodded and you both spent the night together.

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"And if you're staring at your ass, I will throw you out that window," you said walking into your wardrobe. You walked back out all changed and Harry was sitting on your bed. You walked up to about to slap him when he caught your hand. He stood up and he practically towered over you with the height difference. Except I didn't like, I loved you and I still do." He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours. I feel more like a criminal then." He laughed and pecked your lips. I wanted to get your number but I didn't cause I was too chicken, but then when I found out my Dad was marrying someone and it was your Mum, I couldn't of been more happier." You were speechless. LOUIS: You woke up in an unfamiliar bed and unfamiliar room. "Louis, what we did last night was wrong," you said. It was two lovers showing how much they love each other," he said. Our parents are married and we're going behind their back, acting like a couple. "Stay here, breakfast in bed is coming," he said before he walked out the door. NIALL: "Niall, why don't you show Y/N around Mulligar seeing how she hardly knows the place." Niall nodded happily and led you out the door and down the streets of his hometown. "I'll try my best to be around as much as I can, okay? Always have since I first met you." You smiled and he leaned into kiss you.

"You liked me, before our parents got married, didn't you? LIAM: You slammed the door as you walked into the house and collapsed on the ground. You turned your head and saw your step-brother, Louis next to you. What if the paparazzi find us together, holding hands, or kissing. You took a deep breath and Louis grabbed your hand, sitting up. After walking around for half and hour, you two stopped at an ice cream place and grabbed some ice cream. You can visit me on tour whenever you want." You nodded and put your ice cream down. Last time I heard you weren't happy getting a stepsister." He shrugged. I mean how can I not like an incredibly, sweet, young caring girl like you that I love so much." "What? "I'm sorry, I shouldn't of..." "Not say it again." He smiled and moved closer to you. "I love you." You leaned up and pressed your lips to his, kissing him. "Now we can either get drunk or we could go back to the wedding, have a good time and then you can come back to mine when our parents go off to their honey room and stay here and get to know each other more." You nodded happily and he led you back to the his car.

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