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Rebates program via unsolicited email, direct mail, newsgroups, message boards, or any other means is strictly prohibited in the Refer a Friend program. Rebates reserves the right to remove a member from the Mr. Referral text links, banner links or referral email addresses should only be posted on websites that the member has direct ownership such as personal websites, personal blogs, personal facebook pages, personal Twitter accounts, etc.Rebates' Program if they are found to be 'spamming'. Please respect posting guidelines on any public forum, blog, auction, etc.

Rebates website at Affiliate Merchants designated by Mr. In addition, you may receive Cash Back Rebates for participating in such other activities as may be designated by Mr.For example, if 2% is specified as the award for shopping at a specific merchant and a user purchases 0 worth of goods at that merchant through a Mr.Rebates link then that user has earned .00 in their Mr. Certain cash back restrictions can apply to select merchants.The member will forfeit any current cash back, referrals and/or future privileges.Referral rebates (not regular cash back rebates) will be totaled for each calendar year and a 1099 form will be provided after a valid W9 form has been signed and completed by any member who exceeds 0 in referral rebates for that calendar year.

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