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Thus, changing ownership in an S corporation requires transferring stock in the corporation.Once you file the appropriate documentation to create a legal corporation in your jurisdiction, state and federal law will recognize the corporation as an independent entity.There is a long history of SF novels about interstellar free traders eking out a marginal existence on the fringes of the huge trader corporations, from Andre Norton's Solar Queen novels to the Space Angel series by John Maddox Roberts.Go to The Tough Guide to the Known Galaxy and read the entries "ECONOMY", "FREE TRADERS", "PIRACY", "REPLICATOR", "TRADE" and "TRADE FEDERATION".When a corporation ceases its business operations, all assets owned by the company must be distributed.

Liquidation of the assets will result in a tax on the gains, similar to that observed in changing business structure.Each of these actions produces potentially taxable events at the corporate and individual shareholder levels.The owners of a C corporation may be interested in converting the company into a limited liability company, or LLC.It has detailed analysis of the economics of interstellar trade, and a system of equations to model trade routes and economic demands.Sometimes the traders live in large "clan-ships", developing a "trader culture." Each ship is a world, carrying the entire clan. Novels including this include CITIZEN OF THE GALAXY by Robert Heinlein, STAR WAYS aka THE PEREGRINE by Poul Anderson, the Cities in Flight novels of James Blish, MERCHANTER'S LUCK and FINITY'S END by C. Cherryh, RITE OF PASSAGE by Alexi Panshin, A DEEPNESS IN THE SKY by Vernor Vinge.

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