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Only in my haste to leave my hotel room, I’d brought my speech on how writers needed to diversify their skill set.Flustered, I tried to improvise, shuffling through my printed pages for some semblance of a relevant talking point.“I used to be terrible up there, too.” * * * met a lot of other self-help authors along the way.And I discovered there were two types of us: people who lived to write, and self-appointed experts hoping to get rich and famous.At bookstore and library podiums, it’s possible to pass off repeatedly losing your train of thought or bonking your glasses into the microphone as charming.

They aren’t infallible, all-knowing oracles above worrying about their generous muffin top or widening backside.First, contenders have to get through the auditions, then they are trained as 'character performers,' which are non-speaking 'fur characters' like Mickey or Minnie Mouse.Only then can employees be trained for a 'face role,' which means they can interact verbally with visitors.I also broke the news that I would not be flying first class around the country on my publisher’s dime or drinking Champagne from dollar-bill‑shaped flutes any time soon. Suddenly I was speaking in public, giving TV and radio interviews, writing nationally syndicated columns and recapping it all on multiple social media accounts.For most nonfiction authors I knew, “going on a book tour” meant blogging obsessively and visiting a couple cities where you had couches to crash on and knew someone who knew someone who ran a conference or an event space at which you could speak. * * * ook promotion is both the best and worst job a writer can have.

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  1. He completed his Internal Medicine Residency and his Gastroenterology Fellowship at The University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Memphis, Tennessee.