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I personally know, I have been involved in MLM’s and this was unfortunately the only way I could promote it.I sold my Aunts and Uncles, my Cousins, tried to sell my friends, and of course my parents bought into my products because I thought I was an entrepreneur.

You are selling people into a scheme so they can do the same to others. Without overcharging for their products and without having fees or relying on recurring product orders (by the people within the program), an MLM would die out very quickly.

It is very easy to determine whether or not you are an affiliate or an MLM’er.

If you are promoting products to others, then you are an affiliate.

I think that they committed to a program they didn’t necessarily believe in just because they felt bad for me.

You get real tired real quick of shameless promoting products/services and the scheme itself to others you know. And the unfortunate but natural consequence of promoting MLM and “amazing” opportunity after opportunity is that it gives them a perception of you that you probably don’t like. Seriously though, thinking logically how could anyone ever bring themselves to spend on a bottle of Acai juice (Monavie).

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You are assigned names like “sponsor”, “distributor”, “presidential level” (and many others) which serve as nothing more than a facade as to what you actually are when you are involved in MLM. That is why the CEO of the companies tend to make 10’s of millions and the average person within the program will never be able to support the actual fees of getting involved in it.

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