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I started to rummage through my TV recordings collection, mentally putting together several autobioraphies of mine – and it turned out that they could be put together in quite an interesting way.I quess this would be more interesting than real photo-video facts of my biography.I thought that the content of any autobiography as a text greatly depends on the fact at what point I start narrating this autobiography – where I was born, to whom I was born, or what I did at a certain time, etc.Irealized that ab (autobiography) was getting too interesting for me to be put into a drawer having finished it in autumn.More to the point, currently I am trying to research hydrogen’s potential and possible applications; besides this, I am walking around with a dictaphone in hope of detecting sonic evidence of the existence of weather balloons. ’ is an intriguing combination: it appears as if this photograph is going to say something and I have to hear it.I wanted to interpret it word for word and began to imagine a sonic photograph – a rather blurry image that one would have to listen to rather than look at.Presented below are fragments of our electronic correspondence, which become yet another parallel of ‘parallel progressions’.Raimundas Malašauskas, ‘pp’ curator Subject: follow-up Date: Friday, 16 June, 2000 From: aura maknyte […] It’s so funny how it all coincided with the day when Moscow suddenly got covered with snow. (A weather balloon is a free-flying hydrogen-filled rubber balloon equipped with a target to reflect radio waves).

[…] Next year I’m planning an intervention into the Student Art Days academic conference with Šalkauskis, I already have some topics in mind.If you wish to receive more information about this or other CAC events, please, register at [email protected] show from 17 October is Aurelija Maknytė’s project ab, which explores the ties between personal identity, autobiography, fiction and technology.Aurelija constructs complex stories employing text, digital and analogue images, sounds, scientific discourse, fragments of TV broadcasts etc.She works like a ‘bedroom’ electronic music producer, staying in her apartment and processing all information on her computer.

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But at that moment I suddenly realised that a hydrogen bomb had just exploded somewhere and all the people had vanished, and the buildings remained intact. The image of those several minutes stuck in my memory so much that I remember the slightest details visually (the photograph I was developing at that moment, with a big oak in an open field; the silhouette of the tree, resembling an explosion, blackened after I left it in the developer).

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