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"Falco comes Andecavorum iuvenis" names "uxor mea Roscila et filii mei Guido et Fulco" in a donation of property "pro anima Ingelgerii patris mei et iterum Ingelgerii filii mei et Vuarnerii soceri mei et uxoris su Tescend" by charter dated 929"Fulco Andecavorum comes abbas quoque Sancti Albini Sanctique Lizinii necnon et uxor mea Roscilla et filii mei Widdo ac Fulco" donated property to Saint-Aubin d'Angers for the souls of "Ingelgerio filio meo" by charter dated to [929/30]"Comes Fulco et Tescendis comitissa" [presumably referring to Comte Foulques I and his wife Roscille] had "tres filioset Roscillam Alani comitis dicti de Barbatorta uxorem", although this text does not form part of the surviving fragmentary history of the counts of Anjou which is attributed to Foulque IV "Rchin" Comte d Anjou, son of FOULQUES I "le Roux" Comte d'Anjou & his wife Roscille de "Loches" (-11 Nov 958).

The Gesta Consulum Andegavorum names "Fulco Rufus alium [filium] tertium iunioremalter Fulco cognominatus Bonus" when recording that he succeeded his father The Chronicle of Saint-Pierre du Puy refers to the bishop who was "frater germanus comes Gaufridus cognomento Grisogonella", clarifying in a later passage that he was "dominus Guido sanct Vallavensis ecclesiepiscopus" ([940/50]-[, bur Montmajour, near Arles]).

However, the document in question appears not to specify that "domn Adeleidi" was the wife of Othon Guillaume and the extracts seen (the full text has not yet been consulted) do not permit this conclusion to be drawn.The Gesta Consulum Andegavorum records that, after the death of her husband, Adelais was unjustly accused of adultery by a group of nobles led by "Guntrannus parens Ingelgerii" but later exonerated. Bainam..pago Aurelianense" to Saint-Martin de Tours, for the soul of genitoris mei domni Attonis, with the consent of frater meus Atto, by charter dated 29 Sep 898, subscribed by Attonis fratris sui vicecomitis, Gunberti avunculi ipsorum, Fulconis vicecomitis......Attonis vicecomitis, Guarnegaudi vicecomitis, Fulconis vicecomitis subscribed the charter dated 22 May 899 under which Rotbertus...Sancti Martini abbas et comes restored cellam beati Clementis martyris to Saint-Martin. Attonis vicecomitis, Guarnegaudi vicecomitis, Fulconis vicecomitis, Rainaldi vicecomitis...subscribed the charter dated 13 Sep 900 under which Rotbertus...beati Martini abba..comes restored cellul...

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