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Deposits will be accepted by Direct Wire Transfer or Personal/Business Cheque if accompanied by an unconditional letter of guarantee from the Buyers Canadian Lending Institution.

All Buyers upon registering for the Auction are guaranteeing they qualify to purchase and own Saskatchewan Farm Land as per "The Saskatchewan Farm Security Act". AGENT OF SELLER: The Auctioneer, Berlinic Auctions Ltd., Hammond Realty and all Hammond Realty Agents, are acting as an Agent of the Seller only, and NOT as an Agent of the Buyer or as a Limited Dual Agent.

A copy is available to all Buyers prior to the auction.

Floor bidders will complete the Farm Contract of Purchase and Sale at the Auction site.

Dated at _________________AM/PM, this _____ Day of ______________________, 2017 ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Witness Buyer ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Printed Name of Witness Printed Name of Buyer **This is a cash sale and is not conditional on the Buyers ability to obtain financing.

**Upon being declared the high bidder and completion of the Auction, all Buyers shall immediately complete the Farm Contract of Purchase and Sale in the form provided by the Seller's Brokerage, without modification.

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The Buyer acknowledges and consents to Berlinic Auctions Ltd.

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