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It is derived from the Greek πΰρ, fire, and χλωρός, green in allusion to the fact that the mineral usually turns green on ignition.[Pyrochlore Group] 33rd International Geological Congress (2008) session MPI-07 Alkaline and carbonatite magmatism and related ore deposits: Extrusive calcite carbonatite from Catanda, Angola: Magmatic and hydrothermal history from studies of pyrochlore[Pyrochlore Group] Orris, G. (2001) Tantalum Mineralisation of the Wodgina District: The Wodgina and Mt Cassiterite Pegmatite Orebodies, pp 48-57, Sept 2001. (2004) Tantalum in Western Australia: Western Australia Geological Survey, Mineral Resources Bulletin 22, 162p.[Microlite Group] David Huston, Richard Blewett, Terrence Mernagh, Shen-Su Sun and Julienne Kamprad (2001) Gold Deposits of the Pilbara Craton: Results of AGSO Research, 1998-2000. Pirajno, F., González-Álvarez, I., Chen, W., Kyser, K. (2014) The Gifford Creek Ferrocarbonatite Complex, Gascoyne Province, Western Australia: Associated fenitic alteration and a putative link with the ~ 1075 Ma Warakurna LIP [Large Igneous Province]. [Hydrokenoelsmoreite var: Ferritungstite] Simpson, E. 1061-1064 [Betafite Group] Sutherland, FL, Coenraads, R, Abduriyim, A and Meffre, S., 2013. Abstracts, 36th Annual Seminar, Mineralogical Societies of Australasia. S., 1998, Porphyry and Sedimentary-hosted Gold Deposits near Cygnet: New Styles of Gold Mineralisation in Tasmania: Unpub Rept, Mineral Resources Tasmania. 21-23.[Pyrochlore Group] Taheri, J., and Bottrill, R.

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Phosphate minerals in granitic pegmatites from the Mount Wills District, north-eastern Victoria. Canadian Mineralogist, 45, 857-864.[Microlite Group] Partington, G. (1990) Environment and structural controls on the intrusion of the giant rare metal Greenbushes pegmatite, Western Australia.

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