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And then there’s adventure on the waters with ferries, cruises, float planes, kayak tours, whale watching and other aquatic fun at Lake Union, Lake Washington and the Puget Sound.Nearby Skiing: Seattle has some popular local ski resorts including  Crystal Mountain and  Stevens Pass, both about 80-90 miles from town." data-reactid="130"Nearby Skiing: Seattle has some popular local ski resorts including Crystal Mountain and Stevens Pass, both about 80-90 miles from town.And be sure to wash down your meal with some excellent Washington wines. Covington and Northern  Kentucky You know why Starbucks started in Seattle?

Check out Shiro’s for sushi, Mamnoon for Middle-Eastern, Poppy for a unique “modern northwest” take on thali-style dishes, and the Crab Pot to smash and munch on local seafood.

 " data-reactid="104"Music Scene: Seattle was home to Hendrix, Cobain, and the entire grunge music scene. For live music, you can catch everything from jazz at the Triple Door, classical music at Benarova Hall, or the latest garage bands tearing it up at the Sunset Tavern or the Showbox.

Reason to Riot:  Hosting the World Trade Organization in 1999 resulted in a “state of civil emergency.”  Fight the power!

Ringed by snow-capped mountains and the white-capped ocean, Vancouver’s diversity goes beyond its accessible sea-and-ski activities, and extends to the cultural, culinary, and the daily life of both visitors and residents of this very international city.

Population: about 600,000" data-reactid="136"Famous Faces: Michael Bublé, Sarah Mc Lachlan, Pamela Anderson, Douglas Coupland, Steve Nash, Seth Rogen Popular Way to Get Around Town: The most walkable city in Canada, Vancouver’s concentrated neighborhoods make strolling or biking around town a pleasure.

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Winning the  Super Bowl and having great venues for pro baseball and soccer almost make up for it." data-reactid="106"Abandoned by NBA Franchise: Still more bitter than a day-old cup of Starbucks about Clayton Bennett taking the Sonics to Oklahoma.

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