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But as their relationship progressed, it started to bother him—which in itself bothers him.“I don’t know if I’m too sensitive or it’s something that happens when you get more attached to someone,” he said.For two of the guys, both of whom described their girlfriends’ previous numbers as high, learning specifics about their girlfriends’ exes bothered them much more than the numbers.The 26-year-old said that when he learned about his girlfriend and one of her ex’s former rendezvous locations, the couple had a big fight.“At my age now, I would rather date women that have dated a lot than not have dated at all.Because that means sexual experience; there’s no shorthand I have to go through.” aspects of their partners’ pasts were more troublesome than anything quantitative.“My gut reaction would be self-consciousness about if I was the biggest or the best, or if she was happy with me, or if the guy before me was better than I was,” he said.The 26-year-old said that his girlfriend’s number didn’t trouble him at all when he first learned it, near the start of their relationship.

In 2015, a woman’s number just doesn’t seem a big deal to me.To find out if I was alone, I called up some straight guys in their 20s and 30s to ask what they thought.(I’ve kept them all anonymous to protect their relationships.) “If I really like someone, I wouldn’t care,” said a 26-year-old who has been with his girlfriend for just over a year. ” A 36-year-old who has been with his girlfriend for four months told me, “It’s one of those things that a lot of people talk about when they’re younger and think it means more than it does.” But does the number start meaning more when it gets too high? A 32-year-old, who has been with his wife for 12 years, named 20. We lose that enthusiasm to go an extra mile for someone. Do we want to do it all over again, probably yes, but it won't be same.

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