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* * * When Joseph’s grandparents emigrated from Hungary to New York in the 1950s, they were joined by hundreds of other Hasidim from Hungary and Romania fleeing post-War Europe.Only fifteen percent of all Polish Jews had survived the Holocaust, and even a smaller percentage of Hasidim had.If a pious member of their small, insular communities saw them in a cafe with a reporter—a woman! “I am afraid,” one young Hasid from New Square, a religious village in upstate New York, told me.“You realize that we are taking a risk just by exchanging words with you.” drape the mirrors with fabric and mourn his name.

The life he returns to—his family, Hasidim—is a good one, he says, as long as he doesn’t think too hard about what’s outside of it. He attends prayer two to three times a day, but goes for walks every chance he gets. After leaving the interview, Joseph takes me to a bar he frequents on the north side of Williamsburg; less than a mile from his house, it’s in many ways another world—one filled with seemingly carefree youth, sex, drugs and rock-and-roll, as they say.

Sometimes people stare at this young Hasid wandering at night, but he doesn’t seem to mind. I was curious about this Hasidic guy—dressed in a black suit, modest but elegant, with his below a black-rimmed hat.

He freely gives passing girls a once over, looking back as they walk past him. I told him that I was surprised to see a Hasidic man wandering in this part of town, and I wanted to learn more about him.

With one arm around a strange girl’s waist, he will whisper into her ear, and then kiss her on the lips.

They will disappear into the bathroom and emerge flushed.

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