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The precious radio spectrum from 2 MHz to 330 MHz is under threat from Power Line Network adapters - PLT / PLA - supplied by, among others, BT, BT Vision, Comtrend, and Belkin etc.

These devices are not compliant with the Wireless Telegraphy Act - yet the UK's radio spectrum 'regulator' fails to act.

A wide range of quality amateur radio antennas: 'N' MORE (LNM) (USA). Range of quality microphones and amateur radio equipment: CHASSIS KITS.

Three half-wave halo designs based on the KB6KQ Loops. Manufactured using 60 aluminum and stainless steel hardware. (USA) A range of boxes, panels, brackets, small sheets, custom enclosures & chassis kits. EST --- Fax 24 HRS) HRD - Ham Radio Deluxe with Digital Master 780 - & includes Logbook: Scope: MMSSTV: MMTTY: Multi PSK: F6CTE_FLDigi and other software by W1HKJ & Associates see the Tigertronics website for links to much more data software.

Good helpful service from Tony Nailer G4CFY at Spectrum Communications: A very interesting range of amateur radio aerials including the V and MV range plus many other designs including mobile aerials for HF and VHF / UHF, Yagis, Verticlas, Quads and lost of antenna hardware including masts, telescopic masts, brackets, stands and tripods. Antennas - A very useful range of antennas, including OCFD (Off Centre Fed Dipole) wire antennas with 4:1 Balun, Delta Loop antennas and line isolators etc.

Those links that are in bold typeface are sites and companies that I have used personally and can wholeheartedly recommend. 73 de M0MTJThe wonder of radio you cannot see it, touch it, or smell it but it is all around us.Wolverhampton Electricity Sports and Social Club, 'The Electric Club', St.Marks Road, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton, WV3 0QH The club doors are normally open from about 7.15pm onwards on a Tuesday evening. The Old Ruiton Windmill Vale Street Upper Gornal West Midlands DY3 3XF "Our aim is to expand the knowledge and experience of Amateur Radio. - Supplies HEAVY DUTY telescopic GRP poles and many other essential antenna building accessories including Insulators, Ingenious Dipole Centres, Guy Lines, Pulleys & other Accessories, Twin Lead, PTFE Teflon Coax, Teflon Litz Wire and more: Hy End Fed antennas - single and multi band end fed antennas by PA3EKE. US - Military Antennas, Amateur Radio Antennas, Mobile Radio Antennas, GPS Antennas, Satellite Antennas, WLAN/Wi-Fi/Wi Max Antennas, Cell Phones, TV, HDTV Antennas Antennas - Beams - Big Mart's Brackets - Big Mart's Brackets available from Ross Comm: Engineering - Communications - Tenna Mast - - Aerial Parts of Colchester - Sandpiper Aerial Technology - - - - - International Radio: Supplier of custom designed, high performance quartz crystal filters for communications receivers and transceivers..more! of Hy End Fed antenna by PC4T: ENGINEERING (DL) by DL4KCJ, Helmut Bensch has researched, developed and manufactured antennas for over 30 years: (old site : EPS ANTENNAS - High performance VHF and UHF yagi antennas (Germany): Amateur radio equipment supplier including a range of Vargardar Antennas Antennas: FLEXAYAGI - German designed yagi antennas for 2m and 70cms ANTENNAS. Electronics - High quality auto antenna tuning units and other accessories including meters, baluns, ununs and the all-band range of S9 antennas: PRODUCTS - Electronic Kits and Modules for the radio amateur: ADONIS ELECTRONICS CORPORATION.

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The compact Halo Antenna will allow access to the 144.300 / weak signal SSB section of the 2 Meter band with good performance from an Omni-Directional aerial. and includes all the features you would expect from good quality logging and DXing software and more..... dl2hcb-multiband-delta-loop,28 The Delta Loop (Skywire) Antenna - Legends, Theory and Reality Antenna notes and ideas from Radioworks Loops by GW7AAV Delta Loop links: Building and Tuning of Traps by DXZONE

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